• Appointments: Appointments can be made by calling directly at (407)-598-0876 during regular practice hours/after hours via our answering service. Alternatively, you can also book an appointment by simply messaging us on this website. Please bring a picture id & your current insurance card/or info, referral form if required, any medical records if you have, a list of any medications (over the counter or prescription) currently taking or refills needed. 


  • Billing and Financial Policy: If you have insurance, we will file the claim and bill your provider. However, patients are responsible for any required co-payments, deductibles, or outstanding balances, upfront. Payments are expected at the time of visit. We accept cash & cards (Credit, Debit, Visa, MasterCard). In case, the claim bounces back to us after filling and the Insurance company notifies us of a balance you owe for a visit we'll get in contact with you the soonest possible & make 3 attempts of collecting the outstanding balance & upon our last attempt if we are still unable to collect, then we make take some legal actions. In case, you have over-paid, please get in touch with our billing dept. & have the proof with you, we will reimburse your money within 2 weeks time, after fully verifying everything on our end. 


  • Please call the office 24 hours in advance to cancel appointments, failure to do so could inconvenience our medical team and our other patients, therefore delaying our ability to deliver our special quality of care.


  • Cancellation Policy: If you're constantly missing your appointment without any notification you'll be charged a fee. We call & leave voicemails a day prior to confirm your appointment, follow-up the day your appointment is & make a reminder call once the appointment has been missed. 


  •  We get labs/test results within 24-72 hours. However, it has to be reviewed & signed by a provider before we can release them to you. So please give us a time-frame of 1 week in order for your results to be released to you. For the most part, lab and test results will be consulted upon & discussed at the follow-up appointment. Upon completion of the specific test, further instructions will be given as to how and when the results will be made available. If you are given a lab/imaging order to go to a specific center which is affiliated with us we will get the results. However, if you choose on going to some other lab/imaging center to get the order done, it is your full responsibility to make sure we get your results by all means & you are responsible


  • Lab and Test Results: of notifying us of this attempt, we will not stand liable if we are not notified or if results are not forwarded to us & for this sort of circumstance, we do have a form which we appreciate if our patients can sign-off on, before checking out!


  • If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, we request that you call our office. We will accommodate you; either, way your early or late & there may be a delay, that you may experience. We work diligently to stay on schedule and suggest that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time for any necessary paperwork, insurance verification, medical records


  • Late Policy: is required to be requested, etc. Our policy is, as soon as all the necessities are handled, we will take you right in, without further delays. We suggest it is best to have your insurance ready while booking your appointment & by also verifying your plan with your insurance company prior to your appointment, that way there are no surprises/circumstances from the insurance company when you are at our office, just mins away from your appointment time.


  • Prescriptions: Calls for prescriptions received in the office after 12:00 pm will be addressed the following day. Please try to call us at least 48 hours in advance for all medications. Calls received after 12:00 pm Friday will be returned on the following Monday. We have a policy of taking care of the refill prescriptions within 24-48 hours.


  • Records Release: Please complete the records release form (Health Information Disclosure Form) you can do that at the office or have it emailed out to you to obtain your medical records from your previous family physician or for referrals or to transfer to another provider/doctors office. This is a 48-72 hour procedure. If you plan on coming to the office to physically take all of your records there is a fee of $2.00 per page.


We appreciate your understanding & your patience & we look forward to serving you with the best service possible, anytime, every time...

Thank you, if you have any other question's feel free to contact us!!!

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